Residential garden


Lesson 08:Outdoor Landscaping

Residential garden

Residential garden is planned to meet the needs and desires of the family members. It is laid out as per the personal taste and choice of the owner. Emphasis is given for both beauty and utility.

  • Residential garden should be planned between the property lines around the house, so that there is more outdoor living space
  • Landscape objects and garden features like
    paths, terraces, fences, trees, shrubs, climbers and annual beds are important parts of the design.
  • Grading of ground to get drainage away from building is necessary and if possible the slope should be 20-30 cm in 20 meters.
  • An area of paving between the house and the garden may take many forms and is increasingly becoming an essential feature of modern living. Water, pools, rocks, benches and seats are playing an important part in modern landscape design.

  • Landscape plants should be chosen on the basis of size, form, structure, texture, colour and fragrance.
  • Neatness and simplicity in front of the house are very much desirable.
  • Front ground should not be over crowded with planting neither should it remain without trees and shrubs.
  • Fine foliaged plants are excellent as doorway accents for clapboard house, while boarder foliage is pleasing with a house of stone or brick.

Different Areas of Residential Garden

Principles of Residential Garden Design

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