Lesson 08:Outdoor Landscaping


The importance of parks and open spaces in towns and cities is realized nowadays by all town and city planners. Parks are not only desirable, but increasingly necessary; in fact, indispensable. Parks provide refreshing opportunities for outdoor life and an element of permanence to a neighborhood which serves to fix the real estate values. The selected land for a park should be easily accessible for all classes of citizens. The location should be such that it disturbs the natural growth of the city as little as possible. The boundaries of the park should be accurately marked and enclosed. A topographical survey of the property should be made for the convenience of the working of the landscape artist, the construction engineer and recreational expert. The designing of various types of areas for establishing parks presents many different and difficult problems.

  • The primary functions of a park are to provide an environment of growing various plants, rest, relaxation and breathings space for the people of the area where they are located.
  • Parks are generally beautified by plants, by erecting some interesting structures and buildings , by illumination through lighting and by introducing some recreational activities.
  • It is desirable that the boundary of the park be planted with a border of trees and shrubbery.
  • The entire area should be landscaped with various types of plants in a simple fashion.
  • Proper fencing, drinking water facilities, fountains, sitting arrangements, shaded areas, lawns, pathways, lighting, flagpoles and some play equipment for little children like swings and teeters are essential in a park.
  • Depending upon the area available and the purpose of the park, several items can be introduced in it.
  • Space and equipment / structures for organized games like basketball and hockey, volleyball, tennis, football, baseball, bowling, clock golf, etc. should be included.
  • Space and apparatus is needed for children to swing, climb and hang by their hands or feet, molding in sand or clay or mud and wading and padding in water, etc.
  • Picnic places, camping areas, bathing and boating facilities, refreshment stands, stadium, library and pleasure driveways may also be suitably incorporated in the park.
  • Apart from this, special areas should be designed for zoos, botanical gardens, arboretum and similar features in a large park.
  • In the city there may be parks of several sizes from very large to medium size.
  • Small gardens are generally found at street intersections.
  • The small garden should be planted with a patch of grass, few flower beds, one or two flowering trees or a group of shrubs and trees to relieve the eyes of the people passing by them or for a short resting period for those who care to use them.
  • The medium or large parks are meant for a place of recreation and these are considered as lungs of the cities. These should be a place of beauty as well as utility.

  • In unplanned cities there is hardly any space for a large park. But to give the citizens of such cities, a breathing place or garden or large parks may be laid out in the earest vicinity of the countryside easily approachable by car or bus or even by bicycle. The Buddha Jayanthi park in New Delhi is an example of this sort of park.
  • A large park gives a degree of seclusion from the city.
  • The small city park may be an area anything between 5 and 100 hectares or little more.
  • In small parks, the scenery created will not look as natural as those of large park because of the limitation of space.
  • A small park should have enough strolling space for citizens.
  • Good flowering and shade trees should be planted in groups or singly in some corners or other suitable places for creating beauty as well as a place for resting.
  • Garden benches should be constructed at regular intervals especially under the shade of the trees.
  • Few interesting and rare shrubs should also be included.
  • Besides this some garden adornments such as statues and fountains can also be planned in appropriate parts.
  • One category of city parks may be called as pleasure grounds , which have large reserve areas for playing games.
  • Amusement park is meant for the children, and features like swings, see-saw, sliding chute, merry- go-round etc., should form part of the park.
  • A restricted swimming pool is also often a feature of pleasure garden.
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