Landscape in the place of worship


Lesson 08:Outdoor Landscaping

Landscape in the place of worship

The scope of landscaping places of worship is very limited in large cities because of space problem. However the villages and towns offer good scope for bio – aesthetic planning of these places. The places of worship such as temples, gurudwaras, mosques, churches etc., offer a good scope for landscaping

  1. Temple
    • In a temple the offering is made with flowers and hence it is important to have a garden with the right type of flowering plants.
    • Plumeria acutifolia (Temple tree or Pagoda trees) Bael, Saraca indica are trees suitable for planting in temples.
    • There will be some water tank in the vicinity of a Hindu temple. Water lilies and lotus in the water tank and moisture loving trees on the bank may be planted

    • Sweetly- scented flowering trees like Michelia Champaca can be planted around the temple to create an atmosphere of serenity and sancity.
    • A tree of Aegie marmelos (Bael) may also be planted in a temple as the foliage of this tree is sacred to Hindus and used for offering
    • Saraca indica , the Ashoka , is another sacred tree which should find a place in a Hindu temple.
    • Shrubs such as Jasmines, Crossandra, Barleria etc. , are useful in Hindu temples.
    • Seasonal flowers such as Marigold, and flowering Chrysanthemums can be planted around Hindu temples.
    • There should be enough open space in the front for the devotees to assemble under the shade of trees
  2. Churches
    • Churches offer good scope for planting of ornamental trees.
    • Foundation planting with shrubbery is quite useful.
    • Potted plants can also be arranged near the portico.
    • There is scope for displaying hanging baskets especially for those Gothic type buildings.

  3. Mosque
    • In front of Mosques, Mughal type garden can be laid out with stress on formal water pool fitted with fountains.

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