Avenue landscaping


Lesson 08:Outdoor Landscaping

Avenue landscaping

  1. An avenue is a wide straight road, especially one with trees on either side. The landscaping of the national and state highways with trees is an important aspect of beautifying and protecting the environment.
  2. The objectives of landscaping highways and roadsides are

Highway design must satisfy the requirements of aesthetic considerations along with utility and safety. Highway design should harmonize with the natural topography. Existing trees and lesser vegetation should be conserved. Safety considerations dictate roadside development that will not be monotonous but also will not disturb the attention of drivers.

  1. The main purpose of roadside trees is to provide shade along with fruits and flowers.
  2. The planting of roadside trees started during the time of Emperor Asoka.
  3. The Mughals also planted roadside with mixture of trees as Pipal, Banyan.
  4. Landscaping of a highway mean planting of trees and include all other measures which help enhance the beauty and fits it into the natural landscape of the area.
  5. A highway must look aesthetic, and should not disturb the ecological aspect of the area too much.
  6. Planting of trees on highways is necessary not only for the purpose of beautification but also for utility and necessity.
  7. The roadside trees on the national highways should provide shade and have some economic value.
  8. The highway trees should never be planted in mixed avenues.
  9. If a single species is planted in a pure avenue for miles together this looks more beautiful and gives a wavy appearance of the skyline.
  10. The trees should be planted 12 meters apart in the row and atleast 5-6 meters away from the edge of the road.

  11. In wide roads of 30 meters or more, double rows of trees should be planted with an in between space of 10-12 meters.
  12. The inner row may be of flowering trees.
  13. The choice of trees for a particular locality depends on soil, sub-soil, water, climate including rainfall, etc.
  14. Mixed plantation, which consists of planting different varieties of trees in a mixed avenue as against the planting of or single species can be adopted.
  15. This planting avoid monotony and enhance the aesthetic view for a longer time of the year.
  16. Sometimes group planting can also be adopted.
  17. A group of 3-4 trees or more are planted at specified intervals instead of planting in avenues.
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