Dietary sources

Human Nutrition 3(3+0)
Lesson 34 : Calcium

Dietary sources

  • The important sources of calcium in the diet are milk and milk products, and green leafy vegetables. Milk is the best natural source and skim milk powder is a very good source.
  • Ragi is the cheapest natural source of calcium.
  • Dehusked sesame seed is only a fair source of calcium.
  • Green leafy vegetables are one of the cheapest natural sources of calcium. Since green leafy vegetables are also very rich sources of carotene and ascorbic acid, they should be included in the diet as a source of all the above nutrients.
  • Small and dry fish eaten along with bones is an excellent source of calcium.

Rich sources

Milk powder, small dried fish, sesame seeds with husk


1.2 – 1.45

Good sources

Ragi, milk, small fish eaten with bones green leafy vegetables

0.10 – 0.33

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