• There are several types of weeders available in India.
    • Paddy weeder
    • Dryland weeder
    • Cono weeder
    • Power weeder

Manual weeder

Power weeder

Dryland weeder

  • It has a long handle, a roller with star shaped projections and a scraper blade at the rear. The weeder is suitable for weeding in groundnut, vegetable and similar crops.The weeder is capable of weeding 0.05 hectare in a day of 8 hours. The rear blade cuts the roots of the weeds and leaves behind a soil mulch.
  • The weeder is operated by one person. For best results, the operator has to give push – pull movements to the handle and walk behind in the field. Dry land weeder is used for removing weeds in between line sown crops in rainfed and garden lands.
  • It is suitable for removing shallow rooted weeds in the lands not too thickly infested with weeds. The weeding blade can be adjusted to the desired angle and depth. The operator need not kneel not bend down while weeding. He does weeding operation in standing position.
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