Knapsack sprayer


  • Lever operated backpack sprayer or knapsack sprayer
    • The sprayer is taken on the back of the operator. It consists of a spray tank of 10 litre capacity, pump, handle, air chamber fitted inside the tank, delivery line and nozzle. The operator operates the handle by left hand and sprays by right hand. The spray application rate by the sprayer is 225 l/ha.
    • It is provided with a pump and a large air chamber mounted in a tank. The handle of the pump extending under the arm of the operator makes it possible to pump with one hand and spray with the other hand.
    • It is useful for spraying small trees, shrubs and row crops. A uniform pressure can be maintained by keeping the pump in operation. One man can spray 0.4 ha in a day.

Bakpack sprayer

  • Power knapsack sprayer or mist blower cum duster
    • Power knapsack sprayer or mist blower cum duster is the most commonly used sprayer in India. It consists of an engine, petrol tank, spray tank, carburetor, spark plug, blower, spray boom, cut off valve, throttle and frame. The engine used is 1.2 to 1.7 hp petrol engine.
    • The engine rotates at a maximum speed of 6000 rev/min. The engine drives the blower. The spray liquid is made to drop from the end of a spray tube. The blower blows air at a speed of 500 km/h. This blast of air breaks the spray liquid into spray droplets. The spray tank is of 10 L capacity.
    • Power sprayer comes under low volume spraying (150 l/ha spray application rate). Power knapsack sprayer is available per tank basis on custom hiring.

Mist blower cum duster

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