Methods of ploughing


  • To form furrows at the right hand side of the plough all the times, following methods are followed for ploughing the fields.
    • Round and round ploughing
      • In this method, plough moves around a field strip. Ploughing can be started either from the center of field or from the field boundary.
    • Gathering
      • When a plough works round a strip of ploughed land, it is said to be gathering.
    • Casting
      • When a plough works round a strip of unploughed land, it is said to be casting.
    • Continuous ploughing
      • This method consists of gathering and casting alternately so that idle runs are minimised. Field is divided into strips of equal width. Each strip is divided into two parts in the ratio of 3:4. Casting is started at the first strip leaving 1/3 of the strip at the middle.
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