Hand atomizer and compression sprayer


  • Hand atomizer
    • This is the smallest type of manually operated sprayer used in kitchen gardens. In this sprayer air is compressed by means of a hand pump.
    • The compressed air is allowed to pass over the end of a tube. The other end of the tube is dipped into the spray liquid kept inside a tank. The outgoing air sucks the spray liquid from the tank through the tube and blows out off the nozzle.

Hand atomizer (Model Ganesh sprayer)

  • Compression sprayer
    • An air pump is mounted on the top of an air tight tank which is filled with spray liquid upto ¾ level.
    • The air pump builds up pressure in the space above the liquid. When the nozzle is opened, spray liquid is forced out through the nozzle opening by the compressed air.
    • Frequent pumping has to be done to maintain pressure inside the tank. Pressure is developed by pumping air into the tank and the spray is forced out under pressure. Frequent pumping is to be done to maintain pressure.

Hand compression sprayer

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