Seed drill


  • The typical functions of a seed drill are:
    • It holds and carries the seeds.
    • Opens furrow to a uniform depth.
    • Meters the seeds at a predetermined seed rate.
    • Drops seeds into the opened furrows and
    • Covers the seeds and compacts the soil around them.
  • Country seed drill
    • The simple seed drill otherwise known as ‘Gurru’ has a wooden bowl with holes at the bottom Seed tubes are inserted in the holes. T
    • he other end of seed tubes are connected to the country plough bottom like furrow openers. Uniformity of seed distribution in this drill depends mainly on the skill of the operator dropping the seeds in the bowl.
    • A three bottom gorru can cover one hectare in a day.
  • Seed Planter
    • Seed planters are meant for sowing the seeds in rows with specific seed to seed spacings. All the components of a seed planter are the same as in the case of seed drill except the seed metering device.
    • The seed planters are suitable for till dropping, planting and check row planting. A seed planter has a seed hopper for each row.

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