Bucket sprayer and rocker sprayer


  • Bucket sprayer
    • It consists of a pump kept into a bucket containing spray solution. The pump delivers the spray liquid through a spray lance. It consists of a single or double acting pump which is placed in a bucket containing spray solution. It is light and easily handled and develops sufficient pressure to spray small gardens and low trees.
  • Rocker sprayer
    • It consists of a plunger pump, spherical air pressure chamber, handle, spray lance and hose . Air chamber helps to have uniform spray. The lance has nozzle and cut off value. By using the sprayer using two persons, 1.5 ha can be sprayed in a day. This is a high volume sprayer i.e., it sprays more than 400 litre/ha.
    • The suction hose and delivery hose are fitted to the pump barrel. Spray gun is connected to the outlet opening of the pump through a plastic hose. This sprayer needs two operators, one to operate or rock the handle and another to hold the lance and spray. It is suitable for spraying on medium height trees like mango.

Rocker sprayer

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