The Agri-Horticultural Society Gardens, Calcutta (West Bengal)


Lesson 03:Landscape Gardens In India

The Agri-Horticultural Society Gardens, Calcutta (West Bengal)

Ornamental Flowers

  • The Agri – Horticultural Society of India started its first garden in 1825.
  • This garden was established in 1872.
  • It is the most important centre for ornamental horticulture in the country.
  • The society’s gardens are well laid out and a metalled path goes round the major parts of the garden.
  • The main entrance is surrounded by a collection of Bougainvilleas and behind this a large pond with good collection of water – lilies is found.
  • The garden contains rockeries and lily ponds a large independent rock garden, sunken garden, long beautiful pergola with a rich collection of creepers and climbers, a huge open lawn, children’s corner, auditorium, a research laboratory with air conditioned rooms and mist chamber, and rose garden

Trees and Plants

  • It has large nursery for propagation of trees, shrubs, creepers, seedlings and seeds of annuals.
  • The society has the largest collection of trees, shrubs, and creepers including hybrids.
  • The garden has three green houses having rich collection of shade loving plants.
  • The society also conducts a diploma course in Horticulture and publishes Horticultural Bulletins.
  • The Birla laboratory with a well – equipped laboratory and a mist chamber is the centre of advanced research on plant propagation and other aspects of physiology of plant growth.

The society conducts several flower shows and the annual flower show held in February is a big event in Calcutta city.

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