Lesson 04:Landscape Plants



  • Seasonal annuals cover a place with a colorful mass of blooms within a short period of time. Their life is short.
  • Annuals comprise of a large number of species and varieties and offer a diversified range of plants with attractive flowers of innumerable colours.
  • They enhance the beauty of the garden by bringing in quick changes with a splash of attractive colour and, in turn breaking the monotony.
  • They are known as ‘annuals’ because these plants complete the life cycle from germination to seed ripening within a year.
  • A Typical feature of the annual plant is the profusion of flowering which gives the greatest possibilities of survival of the species by the production of large quantities of seeds.
  • They are an important and interesting group of flowering plants, largely grown in pots and beds for garden decoration and also used as cut flowers for vases.
  • Annuals cover a place with a colorful mass of blooms within a few months. A few types of annuals are also grown for their attractive foliage.
  • The annuals may be classified as

    a h l

Annuals in Flower beds

  • Most annuals delight in a sunny situation and will not thrive in shade. So, in selecting the location of annual beds it has to be remembered that no plant will do well if planted near a shade-casting object.
  • Even shade for a few hours in the morning or mid-day adversely affects growth and flowering.
  • Loamy and porous soil, rich in organic matter is good for annuals
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