The Mughal Garden, Pinjore (Harayana)


Lesson 03:Landscape Gardens In India

The Mughal Garden, Pinjore (Harayana)

Gate in the garden

  • This garden is situated 5 km below Kalka on the Ambala – Simla road at the foot hills of the Himalayas in the area of 25 hectares at an altitude of about 600m.
  • The garden was laid out by Fidai Khan, the foster-brother of Aurangzeb in the 17th century.

Water in the garden

  • It is one of the best preserved gardens of north India and is famous for its beauty.
  • The garden is divided into terrace and provided with six gates.
  • This garden is enclosed by an embattled wall. The main gate is at the highest terrace while the remaining five appear in a descending way.
  • There is a central water channel and tank with numerous fountains, water falls from one terrace to the other and finally into the tanks.
  • On other side of the central channel the paths are paved. Along these paths there are flower beds, trimmed hedges, rows of bottle palms and many other ornamental shrubs and trees.
  • There is a good collection of mango, litchi and sapota.
  • Three magnificent buildings of the garden are the Shish Mahal, the Rang Mahal and the Jal Mahal.
  • Maharaja Yadavindra Singh collected wide variety of ornamental plants in the garden
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