What is hay?


  • Hay  refers  to  grasses  or  legumes that  are  harvested,  dried  and  stored  at  85-90 percent  dry matter
  • In other words,  Hay refers to  a forage plant when preserved through reducing the moisture content to the level at which tissues are dead nor dormant.
  • High  quality  hay  is  green  in  colour,  leafy  and pliable  and  free  from  mustiness. 
  • When  harvested  in  the  proper  physiological  stage  of  growth  and  well  cured  to  15  per  cent or less  moisture  at  the  time  of  storing, hay  can  be utilized  as  an  excellent  feed  for  dairy  cattle,  particularly  when  fodder  is  scarce  or  pasturage  is  insufficient.
Last modified: Monday, 1 August 2011, 6:48 AM