Types of hay


  • The hay depending on the  various ways of processing can be divided into the following categories.
    • Jungle hay
    • Sundried hay
    • Barn dried hay
    • Dehydrated fodders
  • Jungle hay and Sundried hay mostly refer to the field curing.
  • Barn refers to a simple roofed farm building for storing hay.
  • Hay is baled in the field and brought to the barn .
  • Driers are also used for dehydration.
  • Two types of driers are available
    • Low temperature driers,  80 to 180°C                   
    • High temperature driers, 300 to 600°C.


  • Reduce the cost of transportation to the drying site.
  • Drying time is reduced.
  • Loss of nutrients due to rains is avoided as the process is performed in a barn.
  • Loss of plant parts especially leaves is less to that of field curing.


  • High cost involved during erection of dehydration plant
  • High cost of processing if sufficient amount of forage is not available.
  • Operation skill is required, unskilled operation may lead to fire hazards.
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