Classification of Breakfast Cereals


Lesson 5 : Ready To Eat Breakfast Cereals

Classification of Breakfast Cereals

  1. Ready to eat breakfast cereals are of four basic types.

    • Flaked cereals: They are made from corn, wheat or rice that has been broken down into grits cooked with flavours and syrups and then pressed into flakes between cooled rollers.

    • Puffed cereals: They are prepared by exploding cooked wheat or rice from a pressure chamber, thus expanding the grain several times its original size.

    • Shreaded cereals: Are made from pressure cooked wheat that is squeezed into strands by heavy rollers and then cut into biscuits and dried.

    • Granular cereals: Dough made by a process in which stiff dough is prepared from wheat, malted barley flour, salt, yeast and water, is fermented, baked then after being crumbled and re-baked is ground into rough grains.

  2. Breakfast cereals may also be divided into two types based on convenience at the consumers end.

    • Those cereals which require further cooking before they are consumed. Eg. Oat meal, wheat dahlia.
    • Fully cooked ready to eat cereals such as corn flakes, expanded extruded products of wheat, rice and millets.

  3. Most of the RTE cereals may be classified into eight categories based on the manufacturing processes.

    • Flaked cereals: Corn, wheat and rice flakes including extrusion cooked flakes.
    • Gun puffed whole grains
    • Shredded whole grains
    • Extruded and other shredded cereals
    • Oven puffed cereals
    • Granola cereals
    • Extruded expanded cereals.
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