Popped products


Lesson 5 : Ready To Eat Breakfast Cereals

Popped products


Meaning: It is corn that pops. There are various types of popping corn which comes in colours ranging from white to yellow, to red to black. However only yellow and white varieties pop.

Reason for popping-Is due to the water in kernel, as the water in kernel is super heated and converted to steam, which provides drawing force for expanding of endosperm after kernel rupture. Popping occurs at 177º C.

The popped volume

  • Commercial buyer buys the popcorn by weight and sells by volume.
  • The popped volume is related to tenderness and crispness.
  • Most commercial popcorns give 40 per cent expansion.

Shapes of popcorn

The two basic shapes are snowflakes which pops big and shaped like cloud. The mushroom that pops into round ball.

The snowflakes-These are preferred in popping due to large volume, higher expansion and better mouth feel.

The mushroom type are preferred in confection industries, since they are coated well with syrups and flavor.

Method of popping

Wet popping –popping is done in oil in very large operations.

Dry popping-is done at 215 º C and requires 25 per cent less oil then wet popping.Popped corns readily absorb moisture and become tough at about 3 per cent moisture level.

Microwave popping-The popping can be done with microwave.

Laddus and chikkis from pops- Rice, millet and amaranth seeds are used for popping. These are eaten as laddus, chikkis and savoury snacks in our country.

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