Breakfast cereals


Lesson 5 : Ready To Eat Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals

Flaked rice: Is an oldest breakfast cereal. It was known before 4000 B.C. Rice flakes are produced in India by soaking paddy, sand roasting and flattening.

Process of manufacture:

  • Rice flakes are prepared by soaking paddy in warm water (40-50ºC) for 18-24 hours and boiled in water for few minutes.
  • After draining off the water, the paddy is roasted in the sand at 250-270ºC until husk breaks open and subsequently flattened.
  • Two main varieties-thick and thin rice flakes with different textures are available.
  • They are spiced and eaten as a snack.

Second Method:

  • In oven fired with saw dust as fuel, paddy is stirred with hot sand. The kernels are roasted.
  • The sand and paddy mix is then sieved manually to remove the sand. The roasted paddy is immediately poured into the edge runner machine and passes between the two rolls, which flakes the rice and separate it from husk.
  • The husk falls through the sieve and flaked rice on top is packed into packs.
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