Machinery used in breakfast cereals


Lesson 5 : Ready To Eat Breakfast Cereals

Machinery used in breakfast cereals

Oven (Bhatti)-The oven is made of fired clay and is heated by saw dust supplied by screw conveyer.

Edge runner- Used in India for preparing rice flake. It consists of two sets of rollers separated by small gap.

Mixer –Is used to make uniform blends at different stages. Batch and continuous mixers are available.

Flaking mills-It consists of two rolls one of these is adjustable to produce flakes of desirable thickness, a scrape knife removes the flakes.


Two categories are rotary units and conveyerised units.
Rotary ovens suspend flakes in heated air and results in uniform roasting and colours.
Conveyerised units use flat boards leading to uneven colour of product.

Extruders-Single or twin screw extruders are available. Food industries prefer fully intermeshing co rotating twin screw extruders for better product quality.

Dryers-Batch type dryers are available, thin layer/tray dryer or a continuous belt, drum dryer are the types.

Coating machines-Two types are batch type and continuous type.

  1. A conventional rotary coating pan is used for coating sugar solutions.
  2. Continuous rotary drums are used for large scale sweet breakfast manufacture.
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