Lesson 04:Landscape Plants


Bamboo Bushes

  • This is an important and interesting group of plants in the family Gramineae and Tribe Bambuseae.
  • There are several genera under this family, all commonly known as bamboo.
  • There are a few herbs in this group, but mostly shrubs or tree – like bamboos that may attain a height of up to 40 meters.

Bamboo for Interiors

  • These are mainly tropical forest plants reaching into warm temperature regions.
  • Based on the nature of underground rhizomes, they are classed as either (i) clump-forming bamboos or (ii) running bamboos.

Along the River Side

  • Many species flower only periodically, the interval being 10 to 12 years depending on the species
  • The bamboos like high humidity and adequate soil moisture for their growth.
  • Their graceful leaves, attractive stems with rare natural colours, spectacular growth habit, diversified sizes and shapes of the cane, variation in height and form and ease of cultivation prompted landscapers to use them in garden designing.
  • Apart from providing ideal building material as well as paper pulp, bamboo is a wonderful item for landscaping.
  • They look attractive in water-side gardening.
  • They may be planted in groups or clumps along the edges of streams and ponds.
  • The dwarf species are useful for home decoration as pot plants.
  • These plants can also be used in the garden as specimen plants, hedges and for ground cover.
  • Cut bamboo is used for different kinds of home decoration and design.
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