Lesson 04:Landscape Plants


Colourful Orchids

  • Orchids are the most beautiful and wondrous among all flowering plants in the world.
  • They exhibit a wide range of diversity in size, shape, structure, form, adaptability, colour and fragrance of flowers which are unmatched by any other kind of flowering plant.
  • The peculiar shape and manifold forms and unique size of flowers are the features of orchids
  • In the world of ornamental plants, orchids constitute an order of royalty and they are of immense horticultural importance and play an useful role of balance in the forest ecosystem.
  • They belong to the family orchidaceae, in the plant group of monocotyledons.
  • The orchids with their 22,000 to 35,000 species in some 700 to 800 genera constitute probably the largest family among flowering plants.
  • Orchids are the top ranking spectacular flower producing plants, and are grown commercially all over the world.
  • They grow in areas of widely differing environments. India is the home of a large number of orchid species.
  • Owing to the enormous extent of elevations and varied climatic conditions, the North – Eastern Hill regions contain a large number of diverse orchid flora.
  • Orchids are usually divided into three temperature groups as

  • Orchids do well in an atmosphere of free circulating fresh air, slightly acidic water with optimum temperature.
  • Besides multiplication by seeds, commercial method of vegetative propagation of the hybrid is done.

Cut flowers

  • Each kind of orchid has got its own requirements for potting and compost.
  • A great amount of drainage material is necessary for majority of the plants.
  • Watering requires the grower’s personal attention and experience.
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