Ground covers


Lesson 04:Landscape Plants

Ground covers

Ground covers for Greenery

  • The ground on a slope or under a tree in a garden where lawn grass fail to grow successfully may require to be covered by plants.
  • The low-growing and trailing perennial and or annual plants, both foliage and flowering are ideal as ground covers.
  • Ground cover plants possess the inherent quality of covering the ground densely. They retain their branches down to the ground.
  • Some ground cover plants are low spreading bushes, the branches of which touch the ground, root and grow, thus ever increasing their potential value.
  • The suckering shrubs which create a thicket of stems or the rampant creepers may also be the choice for this group

Colourful Display

  • The perennial low growing plants, which have a strong colonizing habit, spread freely through their underground roots, run freely on the surface or are easy clump forming, shade loving, thriving in dry soil or moist ground, resistant to hot or cold blasts of wind, are some of the characters to be looked into while selecting ground cover plants for different situations and locations.
  • Ground cover plants suppress weeds, conserve moisture and the fertility of the soil
  • They make colorful display of flowers and foliage in different months of the year.
  • These plants provide different levels of heights in the garden and diverse greenery over a vast stretch of land.
  • Large areas in public parks and similar places can be beautified with less maintenance cost through these groups of plants
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