Lesson 04:Landscape Plants


High Conifers

  • Conifers are an important class of plants which are cone-bearing and belong to gymnosperms.
  • Most conifers are evergreen and a few genera include deciduous trees.
  • They are all woody plants, many of them are shrubs and others are gigantic and majestic trees.


  • The majority of the species are provided with glaucous grey or blue foliage while several others are yellow, gold or bronze, often changing to deeper tones in cold weather.
  • Some types of conifers bear berry-like cones rather than cones with evident scales.
  • The character of the foliage, woody structure and the balsamic odour are also identifying features of these plants.
  • Conifers are useful in ornamental horticulture as single specimens for shelter beds, the smaller ones for foundation planting around building, for hedging or screening or as Christmas trees.
  • Conifers are ideal for framing a garden. Several conifers are suited to rock and heather gardens.
  • Many conifers can be used in landscape design or for back ground groups.
  • Conifers grow well in high land.
  • Deep well-drained, moist and fertile soil is good for balanced growth of these plants.

Ornamental Purpose

  • Most conifers are symmetrical growers and require minimum pruning.
  • Not much care and attention are required by these plants unless attacked by insects, pests and diseases.
  • Transplanting of conifers is done in the spring season.
  • Multiplication of plants is accomplished by means of seeds, cuttings or grafting on the other stock.
  • The propagation of conifers for garden decoration and landscaping is mostly performed from useful and attractive horticultural cultivars which must be multiplied through cuttings and grafting.
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