Concept Of Values And Definition

Lesson 11 : Values

Concept Of Values And Definition

The concept of values is vague and subjective in nature values are important to the person who holds them.

Eg: Happiness, health, education etc.

Values are desirable and satisfying, values are always behind the actions of an individual and they are responsible for making decision from the alternatives by an individual and they tend to endure. The decisions made by us are dependent on the values we hold and are reflected in the choices we make. They give meaning to our life and are the basis of the philosophy of our life. Values do not exist apart from the services, welfare and satisfaction of human beings.


Acoording to” Gross and Crandall” a value is always important to the person who holds it. It is desirableand satisfying. It has the ability to develop in self-creative way and it tends to endure. It is a concept of the desirable, explicit or implicit which governs our choice of methods, modes or goals.

A value may be defined as a ‘conception’ explicit or implicit, distinctive of an individual or characteristic of a group, of the desirable which influences the selection from available modes means and ends of an action.

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