1.5.4.Types of leaders

1.5.4.Types of leaders

(i) Traditional leaders

- Emerge out of tradition and stick to tradition.

- Static type and do not accept change.

- Have vested interests.

Eg. Tribal chiefs

(ii) Caste leaders

- Followers belong to the same caste as that of leaders.

- Provide leadership in matters related to caste.

(iii) Religious leaders

- Become leader by preaching religious doctrines or performing religious acts or rituals.

- Advise followers on religious matters.

(iv) Political leaders

- Arise out of the political system.

(v) Functional leaders

- Recognised because of their specialized knowledge and function in the society.

Eg. Professionals like teachers , doctors etc.,

(vi) Opinion leaders

- These are the people to whom other people go for opinion or advice on certain issues.

- Also act as legtimicers and influence decision making of the followers.

In comparison to opinion seekers, opinion leaders have more social participation, extension agency contact and exposure to mass media. Opinion leaders are more cosmopolite and more innovative. They amplify the dissemination..

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