Topic Name Description
Page Lecture schedule
Topic 1 Page Introduction to Plant Breeding
Page Definition
Page Food Production in India
Page Milestones in Plant Breeding
Topic 2 Page Disciplines for Plant Breeding
Page Activities in plant breeding
Page Achievements
Page Contributions in plant breeding
Topic 3 Page Plant Breeding in India
Page Aims and scope of plant breeding
Topic 4 Page Kinds Of Germplasm
Page Gene Pool and its Type
Page Vavilovian Centers of Diversity
Page Types of Centers of Diversity
Page Law of Parallel Variation
Page Gene Sanctuaries
Topic 5 Page Conservation
Page Gene Banks
Page Meristem Gene Banks
Page Evaluation of germplasm
Page Documentation
Page Distribution
Page Cultivated Germplasm
Page Organizations Associated With Germplasm
Page Quarantine
Topic 6 Page Mode of reproduction in plants
Page Natural vegetative propagation methods
Page Sub-aerial modification of stem
Page Other plants
Page Apomixis
Page Sexual reproduction
Page Classification of incomplete flowers
Page Mode of Pollination
Page Mechanisms favoring self pollination:
Page Mechanisms favouring cross pollination
Page Classification of crops as per the pollination
Page Determination of pollination in plants
Page Estimation cross pollination in plants
Topic 7 Page Self incompatibility
Page Homomorphic system
Page Sporophytic incompatibility
Page Uses of incompatibility
Page Pseudo-compatibility
Page Mechanism of self incompatibility
Topic 8 Page Introduction
Page Types of apomixis
Page Apospory
Page Development of apomictic embryo
Page Genetics of apomixes
Page Advantages of apomixis
Page Uses of apomixis in plant breeding
Page Exploitation of apomixis in crop improvement
Page Detection of apomixes
Page Maintenance and transfer of apomixes
Topic 9 Page Introduction
Page Genetic implications of cross-pollination
Page Examples of predominantly cross-pollinated species
Topic 10 Page Introduction
Page Economically important characters
Page Environment and quantitative variation
Page Polygenic inheritance
Page Gene action
Page Components of Genetic Variance
Page Concept of heritability
Page Types of heritability
Page Factors affecting heritability estimates
Topic 11 Page Introduction
Page Genetic male sterility
Page Cytoplasmic male sterility
Page Cytoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility
Page Production of Hybrid seed
Topic 12 Page Introduction
Page Plant breeding methods
Page Methods of breeding autogamous crops
Topic 13 Page Introduction
Page Pure Line Theory
Page Origin of variation in purelines
Page Uses of Pure line
Page Procedure for Pure line selection
Page Mass Selection
Page Merits and demerits of Mass Selection
Page Comparison of pure line and mass selections
Topic 14 Page Introduction
Page Aims of Hybridization
Page Types of Hybridization
Page Procedure of developing hybrid variety
Page Pedigree method
Page Merits and Demerits of pedigree method
Topic 15 Page Introduction: Bulk Method
Page Application of bulk method
Page Procedure for Bulk method
Page Single seed descent method
Page Comparison of pedigree and Bulk method
Topic 16 Page Introduction
Page Requirement of back cross breeding
Page Applications of back cross breeding
Page Procedure for transfer of dominant gene
Page Transfer of a recessive gene
Page Merits and Demerits of Back cross breeding
Page Comparison of back cross and pedigree method
Topic 17 Page Introduction
Page Hardy-Weinberg law
Page Migration
Page Mutation
Page Random drift or Genetic drift
Page Inbreeding
Page Selection
Topic 18 Page Introduction
Page Random mating
Page Genetic assortative mating
Page Genetic dis-assortative mating
Page Phenotypic assortative mating
Page Phenotype dis-assortative mating
Topic 19 Page Inbreeding
Page Degrees of inbreeding depression
Page Heterosis
Page Heterosis and Hybrid Vigour
Page Heterosis and dominance in relation to parental values
Page Genetic basis of heterosis
Page Comparison of dominance and over dominance hypothesis
Page Fixation of heterosis
Page Factors affecting Heterosis
Page Estimation of Heterosis
Page Manifestation of heterosis
Topic 20 Page Introduction
Page Evaluation of inbreds
Page Production of Hybrids
Page Success of hybrids
Topic 21 Page Introduction: Synthetic variety
Page Merits and Demerits of Synthetic variety
Page Composites
Page Comparison of Synthetic and composite varieties
Topic 22 Page Introduction
Page Stratified mass selection
Page Half sib family selection
Page Ear to row method
Page Full sib family selection
Page Inbred or selfed family selection
Page Merits of progeny testing and selection
Topic 23 Page Introduction
Page Isolation of inbreds
Page Simple recurrent selection
Page Recurrent selection for General combining ability
Page Recurrent selection for specific combining ability
Page Reciprocal Recurrent selection (RRS)
Page Applications of reciprocal recurrent selection
Topic 24 Page Characteristics of asexual crops
Page Advantages of asexual reproduction
Page Limitation of asexual reproduction
Page Clone
Page Origin of genetic variation
Page Breeding approaches
Page Introduction
Page Selection
Page Clonal selection
Page Interspecific Hybridization
Page Mutation Breeding
Page Breeding of apomictic crops
Topic 25 Page Introduction
Page Types of Mutations
Page Mutagens: Physical mutagens
Page Chemical mutagens
Page Situation of Mutation Breeding
Page Steps in mutation Breeding
Page Procedure for oligogenic traits
Page Procedure for poly genic traits
Page Achivements in mutation breeding
Topic 26 Page Introduction
Page Types of polyploids
Page Features and origin of polyploids
Page Aplications of polyploids
Page Applications of polyploids in crop improvement
Page Induction of polyploidy
Page Induction of allopolyploids
Page Induction of aneuploids
Page Significance of polyploids
Topic 27 Page Introduction
Page Commonly used media
Page Areas of plant tissue culture
Page Methods used in plant breeding: Micro propogation
Page Somaclonal variation
Page Protoplast culture
Page Pollen culture
Page Ovule culture
Topic 28 Page Introduction
Page Molecular marker systems
Page Randomly amplified polymorphic DNAs
Page Molecular maps
Page Divergent parents
Page Analysis of marker segregation
Page Generation of a suitable mapping population
Page Identification of polymorphic probe-enzyme combinations
Page Application Of DNA-markers
Page Genetic Diversity
Page Germplasm Resources
Page Identification of crop varieties
Page Marker aided selection
Page Gene pyramiding
Page Heterotic hybrid
Page Limitations of molecular markers
Topic 29 Page Varietal release
Page Evaluation of test entries
Page Advance varietal trials
Page Variety Identification System
Page Intellectual Property Rights
Page Orthodox or conventional IPRs
Page Copyright
Page Patents
Page Trademark
Page Unorthodox or Innovative IPRs
Page Cyber Law
Page Geographical Indications of goods
Page Organizations involved in IPR
Page World trade organisation
Page Plant Varieties Protection and Farmers Rights Act
Page Rights of breeders and farmers
Topic 31 Page Acknowledgement