Topic Name Description
Page Syllabus
Page Overview of the course
Page Reference
Topic 1 Page Introduction
Page Centres of diversity of the major vegetable crop species
Page Origin Distribution and Growing states in India
Page Spice crops
Topic 2 Page Plant Biodiversity
Page Biodiversity definitions
Page Origin of life and biodiversity evolution
Page Benefits of biodiversity
Page Ecological role of biodiversity
Page Economic role of biodiversity & Ethical role of biodiversity
Page Plant biodiversity Merits
Page Plant biodiversity Demerits
Page Germplasm Conservation
Page In situ conservation
Page Ex Situ Germplasm Conservation
Page Plant quarantine
Page History of plant quarantine regulations
Topic 3 Page Mode of reproduction
Page I. Sexual reproduction
Page II.Asexual reproduction
Page III.Natural vegetative reproduction
Page IV.Artificial vegetative reproduction
Page Apomixis
Topic 4 Page Introduction
Page Pollination
Page Self-pollination
Page Cross- pollination
Page Often cross-pollinated species
Page Methods of pollination
Page The pollination process
Page Table
Page Methods of pollination in spices
Topic 5 Page Genetics – Chromosome number – Ploidy level of important vegetable, tuber and spice crops
Page Chromosome number
Topic 6 Page Self-incompatibility
Page Heteromorphic flowers
Page Homomorphic flowers
Page Sporophytic Self-Incompatibility (SSI)
Page Gametophytic Self-Incompatibility (GSI)
Page Gametophytic Self-Incompatibility (GSI)
Page Other mechanisms of self-incompatibility
Page Application in Crop Improvement Programme
Topic 7 Page Male Sterility
Page 1.Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (CMS)
Page 2.Genic Male Sterility (GMS)
Page 3.Cytoplasmic – Genic Male Sterility (CGMS)
Page 4.Environmental Genic Male Sterility (EGMS)
Page Chemical Induced Male Sterility
Page Application
Topic 8 Page Mass selection
Page Pureline selection
Page Hybridization
Page Pedigree breeding
Page The bulk-population
Page Hybrid varieties
Page History of selection
Page Twentieth-Century Developments
Page Effects of self-pollination on genotype
Page Genetic advance under selection
Page Developments Using DNA
Topic 9 Page Pureline selection -Definition
Page Procedure of Pureline Selection
Page Improvement of Local Varieties
Page Applications of Pureline Selection
Page Advantages & Disadvantages of Pureline Selection
Topic 10 Page Mass selection-Definition
Page Procedure for Mass Selection
Page Methods of mass selection
Page Application of mass selection
Page Advantages and disadvantages of Mass Selection
Topic 11 Page Heterosis-definition & Hybrid vigour
Page Theories of heterosis
Page Dominance hypothesis
Page Utilization of heterosis
Topic 12 Page Hybridization
Page History of hybridization
Page Objectives or Aims of Hybridization
Page Types of Hybridization – Hybrid
Page Hybridization Procedure
Page Difficulties in hybridization
Page Consquences of hybridization
Topic 13 Page Pedigree method
Page Maintenance of pedigree record
Page Applications of Pedigree method
Page Procedure for Pedigree selection
Page Merits & Demerits of Pedigree Method
Topic 14 Page Mass Pedigree method
Page Merits & Demerits of Mass Pedigree Method
Topic 15 Page Definition
Page Procedure for Bulk Method
Page Natural and artificial selection during bulk period
Page Modification of the Bulk Method
Page Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulk Method
Topic 17 Page Single Seed Descent (SSD)
Page Procedure for Single Seed Descent Method
Page Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Method
Topic 18 Page Backcross Method – Definition
Page Selection of parents
Page Backcross-Dominant gene transfer
Page Backcross -Recessive gene transfer
Page Genetic consequences
Page Advantagesand Disadvantages of Back Cross Method
Page Applications of Back Cross Method
Topic 19 Page Ploidy breeding
Page Polyploidy in plants
Page Terminology
Page Types of changes in chromosome number
Page variation in chromosome number
Page Application of Allopolyploidy in Crop improvement
Page Application of Autopolyploidy in Crop Improvement
Topic 20 Page Mutation
Page Types of Mutation
Page Mutagens and their mode of action
Page Table-Mutagens and their mode of action
Page Chemical mutagens
Page Base analogues and related compounds
Page Procedure of mutation breeding
Page Advantages and Disadvantages
Page Applications in crop improvement
Topic 21 Page Principles of Importance breeding of Cross Pollinated Crops
Page Mass selection
Page Hybrid
Page Factors affecting the equilibrium in populations
Page Mutation breeding
Page Systems of mating
Page Achievements
Topic 22 Page Mass Selection-Definition
Page Genetic basis and Types of Mass Selection
Page Procedure for Mass Selection
Page Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Selection
Page Applications of Mass Selection
Topic 23 Page Recurrent selection and Principles
Page Types of recurrent selection
Page Role in crop improvement programme
Topic 24 Page Heterosis breeding
Page Types of heterosis
Page Mutational Heterosis
Page Balanced an Pseudo Heterosis
Page Average or Relative Heterosis
Page Heterobeltiosis
Page Standard Heterosis
Page Use of heterosis in crop improvement programme
Topic 25 Page Exploitation of Heterosis
Topic 26 Page Synthetic Variety
Page Procedure of Developing Synthetic Variety and Role in crop improvement
Page Merits and Demerits Synthetic Variety
Page Composite varieties
Page Procedure of developing composite variety
Page Differences between Synthetic and Composite Cultivars
Page Achievements: Synthetic varieties and Composite varieties
Topic 27 Page Biometrics
Page Applications of biometrics
Page Statistical tools in crop improvement
Page Frequently asked questions
Topic 28 Page Biotechnology
Page The key areas in which biotechnology has application to agriculture include
Page Current Role of Biotechnology in Crop Improvement
Page Genetic engineering in plants
Page Isolation of useful genes
Page Biosafety
Page Intellectual property
Topic 29 Page Embryo culture
Page Meristem culture
Page Anther culture
Page Somatic hybridization
Topic 30 Page Molecular makers
Page Hybridization based markers
Page PCR based markers
Page Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)
Page DNA Amplification Fingerprinting (DAF)
Page Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP)
Page PCR with Sequence Specific Primers
Page Spice crop
Page Frequently asked questions
Topic 31 Page Solanaecous vegetable
Page Tomato
Page Breeding methods
Topic 32 Page Onion
Page Breeding methods
Page Salient breeding achievements and Future Prospect
Page Tapioca
Page Hybridization and selection
Page Clonal selection
Page Interspecific hybridization
Page Heterosis,Polyploid and Mutation Breeding
Topic 33 Page Leguminasae
Page Cowpea
Page Breeding methods
Page Amaranthus
Page Breeding methods
Topic 34 Page Cardamom
Page Selection
Page Varieties
Page High yielding cardamom varieties
Page Black pepper
Page Varieties
Page Ginger
Page Varieties
Page Turmeric
Page Improved varieties of turmeric
Page Nutmeg
Page Varieties
Page Cinnamon
Page Cinnom Varieties
Page Coriander
Page Coriander varieties
Page Frequently asked questions