Week Name Description
28 February - 6 March Page Introduction
Page History of Quality control in ancient India
Page The Beginning of FDA
Page Importance of food quality
Page Types of foods
Page Food borne diseases
Page Causes of food borne diseases
Page Need for food laws
Page References
7 March - 13 March Page Definitions
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14 March - 20 March Page Introduction
Page The purpose of food sampling
Page Classification of foods for the purpose of food sampling
Page Important considerations for food sampling are
Page Approaches for food sampling
Page Levels of sampling
Page The sample size
Page Selection of sampling procedure
Page Problems in Sampling
Page Preparation of samples
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21 March - 27 March Page Introduction
Page Indicators of quality in different foods
Page Establishing specifications
Page Specifications for cereals
Page Specifications for pulses
Page Specifications for oils seeds
Page Specifications for fruits and vegetables
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28 March - 3 April Page Introduction
Page Pre Harvest factors
Page Animal Production
Page Storage, Transport and Trade Conditions
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4 April - 10 April Page Post harvest handling
Page Processing
Page Food storage
Page Humidity
Page Temperature
Page Transportation
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11 April - 17 April Page Introduction
Page Quality parameters
Page Methods of Analysis
Page Instrumental Methods
Page Types of viscometers
Page Measurement of colour
Page Physical methods
18 April - 24 April Page Introduction
Page Analytical instruments for chemical analysis
Page Physico-chemical methods
Page Microscopic examination
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25 April - 1 May Page Introduction
Page Sensory attributes
Page Refrences
2 May - 8 May Page Sensory attributes
Page Taste
Page Texture
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9 May - 15 May Page Selection of panel members
Page Training of judges
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16 May - 22 May Page Types of Sensory Evaluation
Page Descriptive tests
Page Discriminative tests
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23 May - 29 May Page Food Contaminants
Page Types of Hazards
Page Physical hazards
Page Controlling physical hazards
Page Chemical Hazards
Page References
30 May - 5 June Page Microbiological contaminants
Page Bacterial Hazards
Page Viral Hazards
Page Parasitic Hazards
Page The Major sources of biological contaminants in foods are
6 June - 12 June Page Inherent toxicants
Page Protease Inhibitors
Page Hemagglutenins
Page Saponins
Page Oxalates
Page Phytates
Page References
13 June - 19 June Page Food Toxicants
Page Cyanogens
Page Gossypol
Page Glucosinolates or Goitrogens
Page Lathyrogens
Page References
20 June - 26 June Page Inherent Toxicants
Page Allergens
Page Cycasin
Page Favism
Page Phytoalexins
Page Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
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27 June - 3 July Page Introduction
Page Classification
Page Biological contaminants
Page Non-biological
Page Food additives
Page Agricultural residues
Page Environmental Contaminants
Page Processing Contaminants
Page Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Page Nitrosamines
Page Chloropropanols/Monochloropropanediol(3-MCPD)
Page Semicarbazide
Page References
4 July - 10 July Page Introduction
Page Definition
Page Intentional Additives
11 July - 17 July Page Classification of Intentional food Additives
18 July - 24 July Page Classification of Intentional Food Additives
25 July - 31 July Page Un Intentional Additives
Page Coding of food additives
Page Safety Of Food Additives
Page Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) Foods
Page Types Of Food Additives
Page References
1 August - 7 August Page Introduction
Page Definition
Page PFA Act
Page Classification
Page Intentional Adulteration
8 August - 14 August Page Simple Tests For Food Adluterants
15 August - 21 August Page Classification Incidental Adulteration
Page Metallic Contamination
Page Packaging Hazards
22 August - 28 August Page Standards For Product Quality And Safety
Page Public Standards
Page Private Standards
Page Industry Standards
Page Consumer Standards
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29 August - 4 September Page Introduction
Page Agencies Involved In Food Quality Control
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5 September - 11 September Page Agencies Involved in Food Quality Control National
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12 September - 18 September Page International Agencies
Page Food Quality Management Systems (change the title)
Page The Standard Combines the Following generally-Recognized key Elements
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19 September - 25 September Page Introduction
Page HACCP Concept
Page Definition of hazard analysis and HACCP
Page Principles of HACCP
Page HACCP plan
Page Implementing HACCP System
Page Managing HACCP system
Page References
26 September - 2 October Page Introduction
Page The Genesis
Page The structure of WTO
Page Benefits Of WTO
Page Importance of Food Quality In International Trade
Page National Food Control Systems
Page Import and Export Control
Page An Example of United States Food Detention
Page References
3 October - 9 October Page Introduction
Page Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement (SPS)
Page The Basic Goals of Agreement
Page The principles of Agreement
Page Risk Analysis
Page Risk Analysis Methods
Page References