Topic Name Description
Topic 1 Page Introduction
Page Difference Between Fittings, Fixtures And Services
Page Reffrences
Topic 2 Page Door fittings
Page Introduction
Page Importance of a door
Page Meaning of fitting and fixture
Page Door fittings and fixtures
Page Factors considered while selecting the door fittings
Page Window fittings
Page Introduction
Page Types of windows
Page Window fittings
Page References
Topic 3 Page What is a fitting?
Page Living room furniture fittings
Page Bedroom fittings
Page Dining room furniture fittings
Page Wardrobe fittings
Page References
Topic 4 Page Bathroom Fittings
Page Introduction
Page Classification of fixtures based on
Page Fixtures
Page Sink Types, styles and sizes
Page Bathtubs types, styles and sizes
Page Shower types, styles and sizes
Page Toilet, urinal and bidet sizes
Page Saunas and steam showers
Page Jacuzzis
Page Bathroom Accessories
Page Fittings
Page Faucets
Page Mixers
Page Kitchen Fittings
Page References
Topic 5 Page Introduction
Page Staircase Fittings
Page Balcony fittings
Page Gate fittings
Page References
Topic 6 Page Introduction
Page Things to be considered while paneling
Page Types of wood paneling
Page Installation procedure
Page Method of installation
Page Benefits of wood panelling
Page Uploaing old wood panelling
Page References
Topic 7 Page Introduction
Page Security fittings
Page Audio Video Door Phone
Page Automatic Gates
Page Cameras
Page Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
Page Closed-circuit digital photography (CCDP)
Page Door frame metal detector
Page Glass break detector
Page Fire safety fittings
Page Burglary protection
Page References
Topic 8 Page Introduction
Page Types of fixtures
Page Lighting fixtures for Interior and Exterior
Page Lighting for the interiors
Page Lighting for exteriors
Page Lighting control dimmers
Page Motion sensors
Page Occupancy sensors
Page Photo sensors
Page Timers
Page References
Topic 9 Page Introduction
Page Technical terms
Page Equipments and materials
Page Electrical fittings
Page Components of house wiring
Page Electrical wiring done at home
Page Points to be considered while laying out the wiring
Page Electric bye-laws
Page References
Topic 10 Page Introduction
Page Systems of plumbing
Page Types of water distribution system
Page Water supply in independent house and multistoreyed buildings
Page Drainage disposal
Page Waste water treatment
Page Traps
Page Types of Traps
Page Pipe fittings
Page References
Topic 11 Page Introduction
Page Functions of HVAC
Page Cooling systems
Page References
Topic 12 Page Introduction
Page Air Conditioner
Page Types of Air Conditioner
Page Window Air Conditioner
Page Split Air Conditioner
Page Central Air Conditione
Page Points to be considered while selecting Air Conditioning Systems
Page References
Topic 13 Page Introduction
Page Acoustic materials
Page Techniques of applying acoustic treatment
Page Areas requiring acoustic treatment
Page References
Topic 14 Page Introduction
Page Subterranean termites
Page Indicators of termite infestation
Page Need for giving anti termite treatment
Page Pre-termite treatment
Page Post-termite treatment
Page Essential requirements of treatment
Page References
Topic 15 Page Introduction
Page Classification of solid wastes
Page Disposal methods
Page Garbage disposal recycling
Page References
Topic 16 Page Introduction
Page Meaning of vermiculture
Page Materials required for vermicomposting
Page Preparation of compost pit
Page Precautions for compost making
Page Composition of vermicompost
Page Advantages
Page Disadvantages
Page References