Week Name Description
28 February - 6 March Page Introduction
Page Definition
Page History
Page Importance of convenience foods
Page Need for Convenience foods
Page Usefulness of convenience foods
Page Limitations of convenience foods
Page Criticisms & Scope
Page Types of convenience foods
Page References
7 March - 13 March Page Introduction
Page Definition
Page A specifically designed food
Page Classification
Page Health food types
Page Future prospects
Page References
14 March - 20 March Page Introduction
Page Types
Page Snack foods
Page Shelf stable fried products
Page Fermented products of cereals
Page Traditional sweets as snacks
Page Traditional Cereal convenience foods
Page Ready to cook convenience mixes
Page Freeze dried cereal instant products
Page Ready to eat products stabilized by antimycotic agents
Page Retort pouch foods
Page Canned convenience foods
Page Khakra
Page Reference
21 March - 27 March Page Introduction
Page Nutritive Value of Millets
Page Convenience foods
Page Composite flours
Page Puffing/Popping
Page Malting & Baked foods
Page Extruded products
Page Dehydrated products
Page Health Benefits of millet based convenience foods
Page References
28 March - 3 April Page Introduction & Definition
Page History
Page Importance of Wholegrain Cereals
Page Classification of Breakfast Cereals
Page Breakfast cereals
Page Extruded flakes
Page Puffed products
Page Shredded products
Page Granular products
Page Sugar coated products
Page Popped products
Page Machinery used in breakfast cereals
Page Nutritive value of breakfast cereals
Page References
4 April - 10 April Page Introduction and meaning
Page History
Page Manufacture
Page Nutritive value of pasta
Page Quality requirements for pasta
Page Alternative raw materials for pasta products
Page Noodles
Page Meaning
Page Classification of Noodles
Page Noodle making process
Page Noodle evaluation
Page Macaroni products
Page Types
Page Quality of Macaroni Products
Page Process of macaroni production
Page Reference
11 April - 17 April Page Importance and scope of pulses
Page Fried product of pulses
Page Pulse based mixes
Page Ready to use foods
Page Nutritional and health benefits of pulse and legume based mixes
Page Soybean as a health food
Page Reference
18 April - 24 April Page Introduction and meaning
Page Functions of Extruders
Page Advantages of Extrusion Technology
Page Extrusion process
Page Ingredients and Raw materials
Page Types of Extruders
Page Products of Extrusion cooking
Page Quality Assessment Test for extruders
Page Extruded foods in India can play an important role in
Page References
25 April - 1 May Page Introduction
Page Types of milk sweets
Page Peda
Page Dharwad pedha
Page Burfi
Page Gulab jamun
Page Kalakand
Page Channa based sweets
Page Srikhand
Page Butter & Ghee
Page Ice creams
Page Development in preservation of traditional milk based foods
Page Shelf life of milk based sweets
Page Packing of milk based foods
Page Sweet mixes
Page Marketing - Domestic and Export
Page Limitations
Page References
2 May - 8 May Page Introduction
Page Convenience foods
Page Fruit based convenience foods
Page Vegetable based convenience foods
Page Intermediate moisture (IM) fruits
Page Hurdle Technology (HT)
Page Minimally processed vegetables
Page Reference
9 May - 15 May Page Food adjuncts
Page Pickles
Page Chutneys
Page Preserves
Page Dried chips and vegetables
Page Dry Chutney powder
Page Papads
Page Types
Page Papad production
Page Papad production process
Page Quality standards for papads
Page Marketing
Page Role of Government & Linkages
Page Fryums (Sandiges)
Page References
16 May - 22 May Page Soups: Its importance
Page Various Terms used to describe Soup
Page Convenience Soup Mixes
Page Characteristics of Quality Prepared Soups
Page Examples of Flavour Improvement and Specialty Combinations
Page Soup Mixes Available In Market
Page Healthy Soup- Rich tomato
Page Thick Tomato Soup
Page Noodles Soup
Page Chinese style – Healthy soups
Page Mixed Vegetable Soupups
Page Sweet corn chicken soup
Page Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup
Page References
23 May - 29 May Page Introduction
Page Fried products
Page Frying Equipment
Page Oil reducing systems
Page Potato Chip production
Page Process of manufacture
Page Reference
30 May - 5 June Page Introduction
Page General concept of self heating foods systems
Page RTE retort processed food
Page Chemicals used in self heating systems
Page Commercially available self heating food containers/packages
Page Flameless ration heater (FRH)
Page Heater meals
Page Usefulness of self heating foods
Page Reference
6 June - 12 June Page Introduction
Page Factors responsible for the spoilage of food products
Page Packaging requirements of foods
Page Packaging material used
Page Ready to eat products packed in retort packs
Page High moisture foods
Page Ingredient based ready to eat mixes
Page Food mixes
Page Frozen convenience foods
Page Bakery products
Page Chocolates and confectioneries
Page Dairy products
Page Snack foods
Page Different packing materials
Page Reference
13 June - 19 June Page Needs for effective marketing
Page Factors influencing marketing
Page Needs for effective marketing of convenience and processed foods
Page Reference