Week Name Description
1 March - 7 March Page Introduction
Page Process of Communication
Page Concept and Meaning of Information Design
Page Need for Well Designed Messages
Page References
8 March - 14 March Page Composition
Page Balance
Page Rhythm
Page Proportion
Page Contrast
Page Unity
Page General Design Considerations
Page References
15 March - 21 March Page Introduction
Page Identifying the Purpose
Page Specify Your Communication Objectives
Page Consider Which Topics You Want to Cover
Page Establish Materials Development Team
Page References
22 March - 28 March Page Introduction
Page Remembering the Readers
Page Effective Writing
Page Develop Your Content and Visuals
Page References
29 March - 4 April Page Legibility of Text,
Page Typefaces
Page Line Length
Page Justified or Unjustified Text
Page Interline Distance
Page Legibility of Text on Wall Charts
Page Readability of Text
Page Emphasis in Text
Page References
5 April - 11 April Page Visuals
Page Using the Right Pictures
Page References
12 April - 18 April Page Introduction
Page Graphs
Page Chart
Page Types of Charts
Page References
19 April - 25 April Page Introduction
Page Understanding the Basics
Page Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Audience
Page Colour Contrast
Page Readability of Colour
Page References
26 April - 2 May Page Introduction
Page What is Word-Processing?
Page Important Features of Ms-Word
Page Fig. 2
Page Main Menu Options
Page File
Page Edit
Page View
Page Insert
Page Format
Page Tools
Page Table
Page Window
Page Help
Page References
3 May - 9 May Page Points to be Considered While Preparing Slides
Page Structure of Windows
Page MS Power Point
Page Loading Power Point
Page Editing Slide Text
Page Views
Page References
10 May - 16 May Page Meaning
Page What is Pagemaker?
Page Importing Text and Graphics
Page Working With Objects
Page References
17 May - 23 May Page Meaning of Photo Shop
Page Major Uses for Photo Shop
Page The Guidelines are
Page The Components of a Curve
Page Reference
24 May - 30 May Page Introduction
Page Handouts
Page Posters
Page Leaflets
Page Reference
31 May - 6 June Page Designing a Newsletter
Page Twelve Steps to Success
Page Commit to Consistency
Page Choose a Distinctive, Benefit-Oriented Title
Page Choose the Right Margins and Column Layout
Page Make Headlines Easy to Locate and Read
Page Insert Frequent Subheads
Page Make Body Copy as Easy to Read as Possible
Page Choose the Right Punctuation and Spacing
Page Align Visuals With Column Boundaries
Page Provide Meaningful and Readable Captions
Page Use Color With Restraint
Page Detail Your Newsletter
Page Simplify Your Design
Page References
7 June - 13 June Page Introduction
Page The Radio Script
Page Tips on Writing a Radio Talk
Page Use of Spoken Language in the News Bulletins on Radio
Page Approach Television as a Unique Medium
Page Information for Electronic Media
Page Tips for Broadcast Writers
Page Emphasize the Last Sentence of a Story
Page References
14 June - 20 June Page Introduction
Page Design Your Messages
Page Pretest Your Messages and Preliminary Formats
Page Test for Comprehension
Page References