Week Name Description
26 February - 4 March Page Concept & Definition
Page Special Education
Page Concept of Impairments, Disabilities and Handicaps
Page References
5 March - 11 March Page Types of Disabilities
Page Types of Disabilities
Page Causes of Disabilities
Page Needs of Children With Disabilities
Page References
12 March - 18 March Page Magnitude of Disabilities
Page Prevalence Estimates for Disability Types in the census and the national Sample survey
Page Prevalence of Disability in Different Countries
Page Disability Rates Domain and Degree by Country
Page Prevalence of Disability in India
Page Disability status of Male and Female in Rural and Urban Area
Page Estimated prevalence of Disability in European and Eurasian Countries
Page Prevalence of Disability in Selected Countries by Source
Page Labelling or Classifying
Page References
19 March - 25 March Page Intervention
Page Types of special Education Services
Page Methods of Special Education
Page Day School Plans
Page Special Education Instruction Materials And Equipment Services
Page Special Education Consultants to Regular Teachers
Page Special Education Consultant
Page Itinerant / School Based Tutors
Page Resource Rooms
Page Part-Time Special Classes
Page Self-Contained Special Classes
Page Combination of Regular and Special Day schools
Page Special day schools
Page Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching Centers
Page Residential/ Boarding school facilities
Page References
26 March - 1 April Page Orthopedic Impairment / Mobility Impairment
Page Arthritis
Page Rheumatoid Arthitis (RA)
Page Osteoarthritis
Page Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Page Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
Page Crippling from infections - poliomyelitis / infantile paralysis; Osteomylities
Page Congenital malformation
Page Traumatic Crippling
Page References
2 April - 8 April Page Mobility Impairment
Page Neuro-Motor Impairments
Page Cerebral Palsy
Page Types of Cerebral Palsy
Page Types of Movement or Muscle Tone
Page The body part affected
Page The Severity
Page References
9 April - 15 April Page Effects of Cerebral Palsy - Cerebral Palsy Can Effect
Page Diagnosis
Page Treatment
Page Assistive Technology
Page Role Of Orthopedic Surgeon
Page Education and Habilitation Programs
Page Tips for Parents
Page Tips for Teachers
Page References
16 April - 22 April Page Spinal Cord Injury
Page Spinabifida
Page Problems faced by children with spinabifida
Page Types of Spina Bifida
Page Educational Implications
Page Practical Tips for Teaching Children with Physical Impairments
Page References
23 April - 29 April Page Visual Impairment
Page Causes for Visual Impairment
Page Genetic Defects
Page Diabetes-Related Eye Diseases
Page Refractive Errors
Page Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)
Page Trachoma
Page Characteristics
Page Types of Visual Defects
Page Refractive Errors
Page Hyperopia or Farsightedness
Page Myopia or short (near) sightedness
Page Astigmatism
Page Defects of muscle function
Page Developmental Anomalies
Page Disease or defects of the eye
Page Identifying Visual Impairments
Page Orientation & Mobility
Page References
30 April - 6 May Page Educational Programms for the Partially Sighted
Page Equipment and Materials
Page Specialty Providers/ Professionals working for the partially sighted
Page General Guidelines for Preschool Teacher
Page References
7 May - 13 May Page Curriculum
Page The Educational Curriculum for the blind must include
Page Adaptation of the General Curriculum
Page Adaptation of the General Curriculum
Page Additions to the curriculum
Page Specialized Material and Equipment
Page References
14 May - 20 May Page Hearing Impairment
Page Concepts
Page Causes
Page Hearing Loss
Page Types of Hearning Loss
Page Conductive Hearing Loss
Page Sensori-neural Hearing Loss
Page Mixed Hearing Loss
Page Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Page Degrees of Hearing Loss
Page Degrees of Hearing Loss
Page References
21 May - 27 May Page Characteristics
Page Tests Used
Page Infants
Page Pre-schoolers
Page School Age Children
Page Role of Audiologist
Page References
28 May - 3 June Page Introduction
Page Educational programs for Hearing Impaired
Page Educational Provisions for the Hard of Hearing
Page Educational Provisions for the Deaf
Page Steps for Effective Teaching Children with Hearing Impairments
Page Teaching Strategies used in the classroom
Page General Services for young children with Hearing Impairments
Page Hearing Aids and Auditory Training Devices
Page References
4 June - 10 June Page What is Intellectual Disability
Page Causes for Intellectual Disability
Page Genetic conditions
Page Problems During Pregnancy
Page Problems at Birth
Page Health problem
Page Signs of Intellectual Disability
Page Educational Considerations
Page Tips for Teachers
Page Tips for Parents
Page References
11 June - 17 June Page Concept
Page Definition
Page Classification of Individuals with MR
Page Classification of Individuals with MR
Page Etiology
Page Prenatal
Page Perinatal conditions
Page Post natal causes
Page Signs
Page How is Mental Retardation Diagnosed?
Page References
18 June - 24 June Page Educational Considerations
Page Functional Academics
Page Instructional Methodology
Page Approaches Used in Teaching Mental Retardation
Page Prevention
Page Services
Page References
25 June - 1 July Page Concept
Page Characteristics of slow learner
Page Identification of a slow learner
Page Problems faced by slow learners
Page Educational Programmes for slow learners
Page References
2 July - 8 July Page Definition
Page Common characteristics
Page Physical characteristics
Page Other Associated Problems
Page Identification of Signs of Down Syndrome
Page Diagnosis of Down Syndrome
Page Treatment for Children With Down Syndrome
Page Physical Therapy
Page Speech Therapy
Page Educating Children with Down Syndrome
Page Tips for Teachers
Page Tips for Parents
Page References
9 July - 15 July Page Neurobiological Disabilities- Introdution
Page Definition & facts
Page Signs of ADD
Page Causes
Page Characteristics of ADD
Page Diagnostic criteria for ADD
Page Effective strategies
Page Suggestions for Parents
Page References
16 July - 22 July Page Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Page Causes
Page Signs of ADHD
Page Check list for identification of ADHD
Page Types
Page Treatment
Page Tips for parents
Page References
23 July - 29 July Page Concept & Definition of ASD
Page Problems Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Page Social Interaction Disorders
Page Communication Disorders
Page Behavioural Disorders
Page Common Problems in Autism Spectrum
Page Characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Page Teaching Children With ASD
Page Tips for Parents
Page References
30 July - 5 August Page Concept & Definition
Page Causes for Autism
Page Characteristics of Autism
Page Treatment Methods for Autism
Page References
6 August - 12 August Page Introduction
Page Types
Page Educational Implications
Page Speech and Language Disorders: Definition
Page Types Of Speech Impairments
Page Reasons for Speech Disorders
Page Associative Conditions for Speech Defects
Page References
13 August - 19 August Page Concept
Page Characteristics
Page Types of Language Impairments
Page Language Disorders
Page Other Language disorders according to DSMMD – IV
Page Role of language and speech pathologist in language disorders
Page Assistive Technology
Page Tips for Teachers
Page Tips for Parents
Page References
20 August - 26 August Page Concept of Learning Disabilities
Page Diagnosis
Page Areas/ Types of Learning Difficulties
Page Information Processing Deficits
Page Input deficit (Collecting Information)
Page Integration Deficit (Sorting Information)
Page Memory Disabilities (Storing Information)
Page Output Deficit (Expressing Information)
Page Forms of Learning Disabilities
Page References
27 August - 2 September Page Specific Learning Disabilities
Page Reading
Page Dysgraphia
Page Dyscalculia
Page Dyspraxia
Page Educational Implications
Page Strategies for Helping a Child With SLD
Page Tips for Teachers
Page Tips for Parents
Page References
3 September - 9 September Page Introduction
Page Severe Disabilities- Concept
Page Multiple Disabilities- Concept
Page Causes of Multiple Disabilities
Page Diagnosis
Page Implications
Page Educating Children With Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Page References
10 September - 16 September Page Chronic Health Impairments
Page Etiology of Physical and Health Impairments
Page Types
Page Asthma
Page Cancer
Page Diabetes
Page Hypoglycemia
Page Renal Failure
Page Tuberculosis (TB)
Page Epilepsy
Page Cardiac conditions
Page Cystic Fibrosis
Page Educational Considerations
Page Remedial and Preventive Measures
Page Psychological Disorders in Children
Page Causes
Page Symptoms
Page References
17 September - 23 September Page Introduction
Page National Organizations Working for the Disabled
Page Services/ Facilities of the Disabled Handicapped
Page Preventive Programmes for Handicapped
Page UN Declaration of the Rights of Disabled
Page Allied Professional Working With the Exceptional Children
Page References