Week Name Description
1 March - 7 March Page Introduction
Page Meaning of Video Technology
Page Use of Video in Mass Communication
Page Short history of audio, film and video production technology
Page Advantages
Page Summery
Page References
8 March - 14 March Page Introduction
Page Meaning of Visual Grammar
Page Perception
Page Composition
Page Grouping and Organization
Page Ratio and proportion
Page Rule of Thirds
Page Lines and Curves
Page Harmony and Contrast
Page Light
Page Colour
Page Summery
Page References
15 March - 21 March Page Introduction
Page Headroom
Page Noseroom/leadroom
Page The l80-degree rule
Page Shot, Reverse-Shot Sequence
Page First VS Video
Page Summary
Page References
22 March - 28 March Page Introduction
Page Parts of a Video Camera
Page Parts of a Video Camera
Page Functioning of Video camera
Page The Scanning Process
Page Summary
Page References
29 March - 4 April Page Introduction
Page Features of Video Camera and Effects
Page Focal Length
Page Wide-Angle Lenses
Page Telephoto Lenses
Page Macro Setting
Page Focus
Page Depth of Field
Page Aperture
Page Shutter Speed
Page White Balance
Page Aspect Ratio
Page Camera Support Systems
Page Tripods
Page Dollies
Page Cranes and jibs
Page Track and Trolley
Page Spirit level
Page Summary
Page References
5 April - 11 April Page Introduction
Page Types of Shots
Page Shots classified by content
Page Shots classified by camera height
Page Shots classified by camera movement
Page Shots classified by usage
Page Types of Shots Simple
Page Categories of Shots
Page Summary
Page References
12 April - 18 April Page Introduction
Page Working With a Video Camera
Page Camera Care
Page Lens Care
Page Battery Care
Page Taking Care of Video Tapes
Page Summary
Page References
19 April - 25 April Page Introduction
Page Video Format
Page Common Container Formats
Page Common Codes
Page Common Codes
Page Broadcast Standards
Page Summary
Page References
26 April - 2 May Page Introduction
Page Microphones
Page XLR Cables
Page Audio Adapters
Page Headphones
Page Tripods
Page Camera Carrying Case
Page Summary
Page References
3 May - 9 May Page Introduction
Page Preproduction
Page Production
Page Postproduction
Page Studio
Page Cameras
Page Microphones
Page Recording Equipment
Page Teleprompters
Page Computer Graphic Generators
Page Vision Mixers
Page Audio Mixers
Page Summary
Page References
10 May - 16 May Page Introduction
Page From Idea to Script
Page Scripting
Page Writing the Treatment
Page Storyboarding
Page Planning
Page Summary
Page References
17 May - 23 May Page Introduction
Page Producer/Director’s Responsibility
Page Managing Video Equipment
Page Video Tapes
Page Batteries
Page Managing the Camera
Page Managing Lighting Equipment
Page Managing Audio Equipment
Page Planning and Executing Shoots
Page Handling the Master Shot
Page Dealing With Visualizing Problems
Page Reviewing the Shots
Page Summary
Page References
24 May - 30 May Page Introduction
Page Relationship Between Shooting and Editing
Page Logging
Page Editing
Page Concerns of an Editor
Page Voice Over
Page Assemble Editing
Page Insert Editing
Page Linear Editing
Page Non-linear Editing
Page Summary
Page References
31 May - 6 June Page Introduction
Page Beginning a Script
Page How to write feature for film
Page Tips
Page Model Sheet for Script Writing
Page Summary
Page References
7 June - 13 June Page Introduction
Page Microphones
Page Selecting Microphones
Page Some Terms Used In Audio Recording
Page Audio Faders And Mixers
Page Audio Connectors
Page Summary
Page References
14 June - 20 June Page Introduction
Page Functions Of Editing
Page Grammar Of Editing
Page Before Editing
Page Tips on Editing
Page Creating Graphics And Titles For Video
Page Summary
Page References